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100 Beautiful Slides from #CannesLions 2013

RAMMSTEIN | 'Mein Herz brennt' - Exclusive Video Premiere

Two videos remade for the Rammstein’s 2001 song for  ’Mein Herz brennt’.
One explicit (above) and the other piano (below). Both fantastically twisted.


Suggested as the best piece of soundtrack score not nominated for an Oscar.

Clint Mansell - Death is the Road to Awe. The Fountain Soundtrack 2006

Also used at the end of Paranorman vs The Witch. booyeah.

These are the best Facebook comments.

Facepalm Ep 1 - Awkward Flirting With Michelle Keegan

How Batman Is Created

Ever wonder what goes into creating a monthly book for a character as iconic and complex as Batman? 

NIVEA: Solar Powered iPhone Charger Print Ad

Nivea have done something quite unusual in the modern advertising industry. They have have spent a huge budget  on a print ad campaign, not only that, a refreshing and ingenious one that compliments the digital age nicely.

Nivea created a Solar Powered iPhone Charger Print Ad to promote their new 2013 ‘Sun’ line of products. Whilst the execution and novelty is perfect for the sun seeker audience it’s targeting, it has very little to do with Nivea products itself.

Without reading the printed ad copy, I’m assuming the message of the new sun line range is that it’s so effective, the products help you stay out in the sun ( longer than your iPod battery can survive).

Let’s just hope the suncream works before people complain that they managed two more hours of Angry Birds on the beach and fried,  Rock Lobster style.

Either way, it’s a great bit of advertising as it generates a buzz, gets the audience involved and engaged with the brand values, but not necessarily the range of products itself.  Perhaps a free sample wouldn’t go a miss alongside the solar panel?

It would appear that NIVEA have spent a large amount distributing the magazine solar panels, or it’s a very limited run in Brazil only.  nPerhaps it’s not sunny for long enough in the UK to warrant a launch here. We shall see!

Created by Giovanni + Draftfcb. 

25 Goths Having FUN!

Haha, don’t let the moonlight burn you.

So who wants to see Chewbacca do an Andre 3000 impression?

(Around 5 mins in.)

How Humans Eat Their Food

Grooving Digital Darwin

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Grooving Digital Darwin

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You can change the direction this train is moving just by thinking about it.

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You can change the direction this train is moving just by thinking about it.

How Animals Eat Their Food. 

I finally remembered my lost password.

Hippy horray for me.

I would love one of these. Better than a treadmill.

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I would love one of these. Better than a treadmill.

Walking Dead - Dark Side

Walking Dead - Dark Side