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Advertising on Chat Roulette,

I love Chat Roulette, its hilarious sometimes. Well once you get passed every 4th hit with some guy masturbating his pilly willy. But I saw this video, and it’s exactly the type of advertising that reaches it audience effectively as its not a traditional method, and quite simply the audience is not expecting to be hit with advertising on unexplored media such as Chat Roulette, let alone shock advertising that will really leave an impression on you.

I believe effective advertising nowadays is simply down to getting your message across and effectively in the ‘Hypodermic needle’ sense of terms by penetrating your audience with a message that they will not only remember, but act upon by either purchasing or passing the viral on to a friend.

Ambient, viral and unconventional advertising methods such as stunts in my own opinion do this better than the traditional methods of print, radio and television as quite simply the audience are expecting these ads, will unconsciously switch off when expecting them.

First email of the day was this link. This is the most amazing 3D projection I’ve seen and it shows you how far 3D has come (without the glasses!) As my dissertation will show you if you read it, I love unconventional and ambient style adverts that target the costumer off guard away from traditional advertising methods. Anyway advertisements such as this i can really appreciate, and they work, for example I am now passing it on to you virally!

Screenshot of the projection